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Speeder Plus Connect
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Speeder Plus Connect

The access networks of today comprise of different layers, each carrying out a separate service (voice, data, etc.). Each type of service requires equipment to be deployed on the business customer premises, thus utilizing space, power and other resources. The dedicated equipment mainly employs point-to-point topologies resulting in limited service bandwidth, increased Life Cycle Costs and limited network flexibility. The push for greater efficiencies in the access network along side the client expectation for on-demand delivery of new services and increased bandwidth, were the factors driving the conception and development of the IP transparent line services.

Adisam Telecom currently owns 34 local licenses for the installation and operation of wireless digital point multipoint networks in 3410-3600 MHz frequency band, designed to deliver broadcast services in the main Romanian cities. Focusing on the permanent evolution of the telecommunications market, the diversity of demands for telecommunications services and the permanently evolution of the companies, ADISAM TELECOM S.A gives connectivity solutions both technical reliable and cost efficient.

Our Speeder Plus Connect solution allows an enterprise user to connect their Local Area Network to the Internet using a wireless local loop connection.

This solution requires a single subscriber unit to be located on the roof of the building. The SU is connected directly to a standard Ethernet switch placed near the subscriber unit. The switch should support 802.1Q VLANs and 802.1p in order to provide traffic prioritization and security. Every LAN is wired using category 5 Ethernet cabling and all data is transmitted to over Ethernet from the wireless SU.


    • Fast Access to the Internet and other IP based Services
    • Packet-switched technology optimized for IP communications
    • Immediate Connectivity - Subscriber is "Always On"
    • User Installable CPE Substantially Reduces Deployment Costs
    • High Speed up to 3 Mbps per Subscriber
    • Simultaneous high-speed data and telephony
    • Low entry cost Begin with a few Subscribers per Base Station
    • Easily Scalable Architecture
    • High Capacity up to thousands of Subscribers per Base Station
    • Symmetric/Asymmetric CIR & MIR per subscriber
    • Broadband services: VPNs, VLANs
    • SNMP Management Support
    • RADIUS Accounting Support
    • Mature, Field-Proven Technology
    • FDD and FH-CDMA Technology for robustness and immunity to interference

The Main Advantages of Wireless solution:

    • Assurance of the contracted service at the parameters contractually established
    • Very short time for the solution implementation of maximum 48 hours since the effective date of contract
    • Very short time for on call requests for moving the emplacement/site
    • The dynamic manner for processing up or downgrade request without interrupting the service or replacing the Equipment.
    • The best possible cost/performance trade-off
    • Services available in a very large coverage area
    • An independent solution to the local operator (Romtelecom, etc.)
    • No extra costs required as generated by other operators (Romtelecom, etc.)
    • The rapid installation of the equipment
    • Permanent assistance for taking over all clients on call request


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