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Our credo: "Without quality and the review of Quality Assurance Manuals, the safety of the public and workers is at risk today and tomorrow. The communication industry will reap benefits when quality becomes  everyone’s highest priority."



Adisam Telecom developed, implemented and maintains a Quality Assurance Program (QAP). The QAP describes the organizational structure, functional responsibilities, levels of authority and interfaces for those managing, performing and assessing adequacy of work. The QAP describes management system, including planning, scheduling and cost control considerations. The QAP includes the involvement of our sub-consultants, general contractors, and suppliers, as well as our customers. The organizational structure, interfaces, responsibilities and authorities are documented and maintained in the Adisam Telecom company manuals.

The QAP is based on the concept that work performance is a process that can be planned, performed, assessed and improved. Adisam Management is responsible for these ongoing activities. Adisam management is responsible for fostering an attitude of support and encouraging personnel to complete their work in a quality manner, all work being accomplished using the resources of people, equipment and procedures as directed by management. All employees are encouraged to identify noncompliant work or areas for improvement. Adisam Management is responsible for identifying (both internal and external) customer needs and expectations. Meeting these needs and expectations is a measure of quality and success.

The organizational structure and the assignment of responsibilities within Adisam Telecom have been established in accordance with the following principles:

  • Quality performance is achieved, verified and maintained by the people who perform the work
  • Quality achievement is independently verified by people or organizations that are not directly responsible for performing the work
  • The level of inspection and the degree of independence of inspections are determined on the basis of the risk and complexity of the process

About Adisam Quality Assurance (QA) staff:

    • Are certified auditors, having an engineering background;
    • Performs audits, management reviews, surveillances, and inspections to make sure all workers follow rules that lead to quality;
    • Develops proper documentation, good management practices, and successfully completed tasks. Every record, report, plan, test, design, and survey meets our defined internal standards;

Quality Assurance of Adisam Telecom company is:

    • a system of management activities to ensure that a process, item, or service is of the type and quality needed by the user.
    • dependent on each phase of a procedure being performed correctly. This process de-emphasizes progress inspections while focusing on performance of the task correctly the first time. This is accomplished by proper training and by allowing each person involved in the process, an opportunity to provide input into how the service is to be provided. This is the reason that all of our professional staff is being trained in quality assurance methodology.

On 20th February 2001, following the assessment process, the Adisam’s Quality Management Systems was ISO 9001:94 certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. The Adisam’s Quality Management System is applicable to:

    • Design, installation, maintenance and operation of telecommunications systems and networks
    • Providing of professional telecommunications services (including television transmissions via satellite).

Starting with July 2001, the Quality Management Systems was certified by the Certification, Accreditation and Supervision Military Commission- O.M.C.A.S. Adisam Telecom was accepted as equipment supplier and telecommunications services provider by the Romanian Department of Defense and

Total quality management (TQM) is a priority at Adisam Telecom Corporation. The company is currently undertaking the task of qualifying for ISO 9001:2000 certification. The manual meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard. Existing QA procedures are utilized to the maximum, while providing sufficient flexibility to handle specific Adisam requirements.

New oportunities with ADISAM TELCOM:

Start building an OF Backbone and national network for data, voice and video services
Expanding Internet services and VoIP
Expand the provision of PMP within the 34 cities where ADISAM has licenses and get a national licence

Looking for Strategic Partners for:

Terrestrial facilities (fiber)
Provision of value added services
Wireless local loop services for data, voice and video

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