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Distance Learning
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Distance Learning


   Adisam Telecom with its traditional partner Globecomm Systems provide new value added services for the Romanian market, offering e-learning services meeting the educational needs of schools, enterprises and institutions.
   IP Technology and the Internet are profoundly impacting Education globally; e-Learning encompasses education, information, communication, training and knowledge management, and performance management. It is a web-enabled system that makes information and knowledge accessible to anyone, anywhere at anytime.
   GSI’s Broadband Content Delivery Network is the ideal platform for the provision of e-Learning services, making the delivery of media rich content cost effective, even in markets with limited Internet connectivity.
   GSI is working with best-of-breed Distance Learning Content and Technology partners to develop highly leveraged solutions that Adisam Telecom can deliver to governmental organizations, academic institutions and corporate enterprises.
   English as a Second Language is a requisite for success in the global commercial and scientific marketplaces of the 21st Century.

Our e-Learning portfolio includes:

  • General English

   The Gold and Platinum General English courses provide online language study to students at upper elementary, intermediate and advanced skill levels. Each level provides 65 to 75 hours of complete language immersion with lively thematic exercises in listening comprehension, reading, vocabulary, and language structure.

  • Executive English

   The Executive English provides corporate and business English language training over the Internet in highly interactive and entertaining ways. The lessons are character driven, and users improve their English as they follow a recurring cast through a variety of real-life business situations. Featuring original photos, recordings, and interactive content, Executive English keeps users challenged and engaged throughout the course.

   The Learning Experience offers motivating, instructionally sound, personalized curriculum. The lessons are research-based and developed by content experts. Engaging learning activities complement classroom instruction as well as other curriculum products, anytime, anywhere learning.
   The Customized Learning Center
gives your organization immediate access to the benefits of an Internet educational community. It enhances the learning experience for students and opens new opportunities for teachers and administrators to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate their efforts. The Customized Learning Center providers a powerful and dynamic end-to-end solution, anytime/anywhere instruction, community resources in a secure environment, administration and management of students and services, scalability, and better communication with and throughout the community of teachers, students and agents.

   For more information please visit: www.globecommsystems.com

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