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Corporate networks
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Adisam Telecom Corporate solutions connect the remote locations to a homogenous corporate network that is of the highest quality and accessibility - with guaranteed transmission capacities for your business's voice, video and data.

Design, Installation, Integration and set-up of star and fully meshed networks topologies. Adisam Telecom integrates voice and data solutions provide connectivity between any number of sites via its terrestrial infrastructures or satellite. Existing network topologies are fully compatible and interoperable.


  • Connection via Cisco routers or add/drop multiplexers
  • Internet/Intranet and telecommunications facility networking capabilities
  • Transparent transmission capabilities available on Async/Sync interfaces
  • Voice over IP and Voice over Frame Relay capabilities
  • Standard Frame Relay services 
  • Fully compatible support for digital and analogue voice/fax equipment (PBX, telephone & fax)

Adisam Telecom solution offers you guaranteed transmission capacities, flexibilities, and scalability. We continuously optimise our solution to meet all your requirements.

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