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Strategic objectives
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  The strategic goal of the company is to maintain the lead as the most dynamic, high quality and competitive service provider on the Romanian and Eastern Europe telecommunications market by enhancing the performance of communications and by lowering operational costs.

  In order to reach the strategic goal ADISAM Management has the following objectives:

1. Expand Internet Access and VoIP services in Romania. Based on the high growth prospects of the Romanian Internet market, Adisam targets to expand and complement its Internet access via satellite with access over terrestrial facilities (fiber optic and microwave), therefore strengthening its position as the market leader. The companyís plans relating to the Internet growths are based on expanding the existing Teleport and Operation Center in Bucharest and to consolidate the distribution network within Romania by installing POPs in all the main cities (at least 40 POPs, located around the country). All the POPs will be equipped with VoIP gateways allowing ADISAM to provide long distance and international phone calls after Romtelecom monopoly end at the end of 2002. Meanwhile, ADISAM will provide VoIP services in closed networks.

2. Build a national infrastructure to support the provision of data, voice and video services. The national network will be based on terrestrial facilities with back up capabilities over satellite and will carry data, voice, and video services.

3. Expand and Consolidate the Provision of PMP services in 3.5 GHz frequency band. ADISAM already built the base stations in all 34 locations where possesses licenses. Additional capital to install the routers for high-speed data transmission and the subscriber units is required.

4. Consolidate its position as leader of digital TV distribution in Romania

  According to the Romanian marketís major requirements for satellite distribution, Adisam Telecom has developed an initial digital TV platform along with Tandberg Television in order to broadcast TV channels within East Europe.

  Since October 2000, ADISAM has continuously developed his state of the art transmission facilities and the following services are currently delivered using ATcT (ADISAM Telecom Teleport): MCM Romania, Tele7abc and B1 TV. The content offered to the end users is secured using the Conax-CAS3 encryption system, compatible with the DVB-S standard and Adisam Telecom, is the first private satellite operator in Romania which offers an open standard conditional access solution. The system will be upgraded to support new commercial applications including: Pay per View, Video on Demand, etc.


Adisam Telecom Management is confident that its services:

  • Meet the requirements of the most demanding customer in a cost-effective manner
  • Provide solutions that allow the customers to reach their business, commercial, and technical objectives.
  • Satisfy the needs in all the area of telecommunications services: audio, video, data, teleconferencing and videoconferencing, broadcasting,
  • Offers customized solutions that are implemented in a timely manner enabling the customers to benefit from the latest technologies

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