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DVB-S Distribution Services
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Adisam Telecom has developed an initial system along with Tandberg Television in order to respond to marketís major requirements of broadcasting digital TV channels via satellite of the according to DVB-S specifications.

Since October 2000, ADISAM has been carried out the transmission via AMOS 1 of the following digital TV channels: MCM Romania, Tele7abc and B1 TV. The services are delivered using ATcT (ADISAM Telecom Teleport) state of the art facilities and the Tandberg Television compression platform.

Features: Adisam Telecom solution incorporates 15 generations of Tandberg TV technologies. Tandberg Television provides Digital Broadcast solutions for a wide area of commercial applications. It combines Tandberg Television latest MPEG-2 digital compression technology with the flexibility to support most of the worlds leading Conditional Access systems. To secure the schedule and the content offered to the end users, Adisam Telecom uses the Conax-CAS3‚ solution, which is a scaleable and well-proven encryption platform, compatible with the DVB standard. Adisam Telecom S.A., will be the first private satellite operator in Romania which launch and operate DVB-S services, secured by an open standard conditional access solution. The whole system is fully redundant to all levels, allowing the automatic switching to back-up equipments. The monitoring is performed at the DVB stream level as well as after the demodulation of the program received from the satellite.

  • The solution meet customerís requirements in a cost-effective way.
  • Provides a low risk solution that allows customer to reach its main business and technical objectives without needs to bay expensive equipment.
  • Offers customer a very quick and simple installation facility, enabling customer to be on the air with the latest digital solution as early as possible.
  • Provides customer with field proven ethnology to secure and protect their content
  • High security level by using the latest state-of-the-art Conax smart card technology
  • Provides a wide area of commercial applications including: Pay per View, Video on Demand.


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